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14 Mar Oracle Commerce Cloud Self Help Tools and Information

Oracle Commerce Cloud (OCC) is a scalable, flexible eCommerce solution designed specifically to run in the public cloud.  Oracle Commerce Cloud has been deemed as the next iteration of Oracle Commerce and was built from the ground up to focus on innovation, with strong APIs and easy to use developer tools.  In addition, OCC’s regular production feature releases create innovation without clients having to hand roll features all while keeping the upgrade path and security concerns on Oracle’s shoulders, not the clients.

As an Oracle Gold Partner with over 17 years of experience TAISTech has fielded many of the same questions in the sales cycle and we aim to simplify your self-help options. If you are new to Oracle Commerce Cloud I have compiled a list of notable self-help tools, formal documentation, and tips on how to get started.


Oracle’s Formal Documentation

Generally, the best place to review up to the minute information on the latest Oracle Commerce Cloud release is the formal documentation.  Here you can find contents on how to do just about anything with out of the box  (OOTB) capabilities in an easy to read and understand format. If you are looking for something specific I recommend using the search tool in the documentation and filtering through some of the finer details that way.   If you are somewhat familiar with the OCC product you should always start with the “What’s New” section, as OCC is consistently being upgraded and something that may have been custom work in previous versions may be out of the box now.

Read Oracle Commerce Cloud Documentation (Dec. 2017)


Extending Oracle Commerce Cloud

Similar to documentation for Oracle’s out of the box functionality they provide some deeper technical information on how to Extend OCC with APIs, Webhooks, Extensions and more.  If you are a developer or technical solutions consultant (or business user) I recommend reading through the Oracle Help Center REST API Documents to get a solid footing on OCC API Admin and Agent Endpoints. Currently, OCC has built around 75% of its total functionality accessible in the admin panel but I’d say about 25% of the functionality (which is completely doable) is via API and webhook only.  If you are curious about any details you can contact TAISTech for more information on OOTB vs Customization.

Read Extending Oracle Commerce Cloud Documentation (Dec. 2017)


YouTube Training Series

Intended primarily for the business user of Oracle Commerce Cloud, the YouTube Training Series provides an in-depth look at the Admin tools of OCC.   These step by step instructional videos can help current or potential users of the OCC platform to wrap their head around how they would implement solutions within their own business and even help formalize a sales pitch to your C-suite on how you can best use the platform.  This can help generate buy-in from your team and help develop a roadmap of how you could use the tools.  At TAISTech we do customized training for each OCC implementation, but if you are looking to see a vanilla copy of OCC and the baseline out of the box features of the platform then I recommend reviewing Oracle’s YouTube Channel.

A few OCC series that I recommend you should review are:

Watch Oracle Commerce Cloud YouTube Channel


Oracle Commerce Cloud Community

You will need an OPN to access this and you must “apply” to join the group.  Here you will be able to interact with other Oracle Commerce Cloud retailers, merchants, developers, agencies, and even Oracle Product Managers.  One of the unique features of Oracle Commerce Cloud is that you can get engaged in the conversation and help steer the roadmap of features and updates for the product.  I know first-hand that product managers utilize the community to make informed decisions on what features to roll out to OCC.  In short, if Oracle consistently sees and hears (from the field) that a certain feature is mission critical, they will prioritize it.

Learn More about Oracle Commerce Community


Oracle Commerce Cloud Video Hub

Oracle releases updates to platform feature every quarter and with those features generally comes to a deep dive on those areas.  On average the OCC team releases video training and deep dives of OCC features, widgets, and code level support every month or so.   Oracle’s has invested heavily in curriculum, documentation, and engagement content in the last year.  While the content in the Video Hub is generally more technical in nature than the YouTube training series, it is a great resource to understand how to use each out of the box feature to its utmost capabilities within OCC and even how to extend your OCC platform.  If you are an eCommerce manager, developer, or work for a company thinking about, or currently using Oracle Commerce cloud I would definitely get involved with these videos.  Before you are able to view the recorded events you’ll need an Oracle Account, but don’t worry the Oracle Account is free and they don’t seem to spam you with information that you don’t care about.

Here are a few of my favorites videos:

Note: Be aware that many of OCC’s features change with each release.  The truth of record for each feature should be the latest text documentation.

Watch Oracle Commerce Cloud Video Hub




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