Personalization is the process of creating a unique experience for every customer based on interests, demographic and characteristics. Peronalization tools create a consumer experience that lets your community know they are a top priority and a valued customer.
The following approach can be used to implement personalization from an Endeca perspective:

1. Profile – Customer information is stored in the Profile and maintained in the commerce platform. Personalization can use stored profile data to provide unique experiences. This Profile information can be shared as needed with Endeca guided search and assemblers.
2. Segments- A set of customers who act and behave in a similar manner and create a group. This group is called segments. The Business user can setup different banners or recommendations based on these user segments. User segments can be created in Endeca Experience manager to target a group and display the content accordingly.

Personalization using Experience Manager

Use Experience Manager to control triggers and rules if content is based on a navigation state, search term or pre-defined user segments. This kind of personalization is used to target a set of customers, or to implement A/B testing rules.
1. Show “free shipping banner” to logged in user and “other banner” to an anonymous user.
2. Show 50% of recommendation from third-party and 50% from Endeca, based on A/B testing rules.
Setup multiple rules in experience manager for banners / recommendations and tag with the corresponding user segment. Pass appropriate user segments to Endeca from the commerce store instance, while fetching the content.
Personalization using Cartridge Handlers.

User Endeca cartridge is used to show different product records in the recommendation slot based on product attributes and behavior captured in the user profile.
1. Cart Page Recommendations –  10 Top sellers based on the L1 categories of the items in the cart, excluding items in the Cart. Brand Page – First 10 products based in the L1 category of the first record, excluding the current brand, sorted by top seller and start date.
2. Brand Page Recommendations – First 10 products based on the L1 category of the first record excluding the current brand, sorted by top seller and start date.

Endeca cartridge handler needs to be customized before making a call to MDEX using commerce Profile object.

Quiz Time

Let’s see if the below requirement can be achieved using Endeca cartridge handler and how many queries.
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If user profile has Type, Size & Activity level set, then use all 3 attributes.
If user profile has Type & Size level set, then use only 2 attributes.
If user profile has only Type set ,then use only the Type attribute.
If None is selected, then show the 10 products configured in the Endeca Cartridge.
Products are sorted based on the LastBrandVisit and will be promoted (if set in the profile) and then start date sorting.
Top 10 products based on the Type, Size & Activity selection in quiz, sorted by top seller and newest to oldest.
If less than 5 products are found based on all attributes set in profile then get the remaining products by removing the specific attributes (remove Activity and then remove-Size).”

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