Optimizing Software Development and Operations with DevOps


DevOps provides the responsiveness, control and optimization across all aspects of engineering practices without compromise to security or service. Whether looking to stay on-premises, migrate existing infrastructure and systems seamlessly to cloud platforms, or work with different hosting providers, we make consulting, delivery and service management core to all of our DevOps engagements.

Set Vision, Build Skills, Scale Capability, Improve Customer Experience

Build Relationships
Set vision and objectives to collaborate and serve the business

Implement and Share Best Practices
Reduce costs and easily reuse best practices across the enterprise

Drive Development Best Practices
Help developers deliver production-ready, compliant software faster

Optimize Application Design
Review and optimize architecture to support responsiveness

Encourage Developer Innovation
Support development teams by analyzing their ideas and designs

Enhance Operations
Recognize specialized expertise and apply engineering practices

DevOps Across the Enterprise


Benefits For All Stakeholders

Regardless of where you sit in the organization, DevOps can deliver clear benefit.

  • Development Teams gain access to production-like environments with easy-to-configure management and build capabilities. Early feedback on failure allows for cleaner code and fewer deployment issues
  • Operations Teams benefit from the early definition of operational requirements and self-managing systems with expedited access to the application
  • Security Teams (InfoSec) access vulnerability checking and automated audit processes while eliminating the risks associated with manual intervention
  • Technical Architects take advantage of cloud when designing applications, encourage innovation within development and standardize common practices as services
  • Office of the CTO minimize operational resource costs, productize the operational capability and simplify the technology landscape
  • Line of Business sees faster and more frequent release cycles, responsiveness to customer demand and increased operational efficiency

Get the DevOps support you need to deploy faster and more easily while decreasing costs and maintaining a secure environment. We help our clients automate and optimize environments to achieve Continuous Development Continuous Integration (CD/CI), testing and error-free deployment. Our on-demand support offers customized monitoring solutions of applications and infrastructure including test and production environment provisioning, maintenance of DevOps tools, training, and reporting. We ensure scaling up of servers to handle unexpected growth using third-party cloud platform solutions and can help administrators migrate, scale and manage non-production databases. Our DevOps engagements include:

DevOps Consulting


Enterprise Assessment
Operating Models
Culture Change
Specialists and Upskilling
Reference Projects

DevOps Delivery


Application Development
Business Intelligence
Delivery Optimization

DevOps Delivery Management

Service Management

On-premises Infrastructure
Cloud Platform (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, 3rd party)
Security, Networking & Scalability
Monitoring and Support
Cost Management

With a strong foundation in commerce-centric continuous integration tools, we have reference architecture for DevOps for market-leading platforms including Oracle Commerce, Oracle Commerce Cloud and Salesforce Commerce Cloud.  Whether on-premises or in the cloud, a revised approach to DevOps can securely optimize your development and operational needs. We are here to help you with all your cloud computing needs.

Let’s Talk About DevOps.