About This Project

rue21 is headquartered in the Pittsburgh suburb of Warrendale, Pennsylvania. It is a specialty discount retailer of young men’s and women’s casual apparel and accessories. Its clothes are designed to appeal to 11- to 17-year-olds who aspire to be 21 and adults who want to look and feel 21.

rue21 was already on the Oracle Commerce platform when it reached out to partner on its commerce strategy. rue21’s previous implementation was not executed properly and best practices were not used. Our job was to fix that implementation with the main goal of stabilizing the site, right before the critical holiday shopping season.

Our highly experienced team conducted a thorough analysis of the previous implementation to identify the root causes of the issues with the site. We then used the analysis to create a roadmap of items that needed to be re-implemented to be aligned with Oracle’s best practices and standard ecommerce performance practices.

The combination of our fixes, implementation of best practices, and thorough testing yielded record-breaking results during the 2015 Thanksgiving Holiday. The site was rock-solid with no performance issues at all.

Since 2014, rue21 has chosen TAISTech to be its long-term partner to continue to enhance the site and grow the online business.

Following is high-level list of activities performed:

  • Conducted the transition from the previous systems integrator
  • Re-implemented Endeca Experience Manager (XM)
  • Expanded the use of Endeca Experience Manager (XM) across the entire site
  • Redesigned the site’s user interface
  • Implemented significant code fixes
  • Reconfigured the rue21 Oracle Commerce infrastructure
  • Provided strategic business consulting services
  • Implemented BOPIS for 700+ stores (read the rue21 BOPIS press release)



20 November

ATG, BI, Endeca, MuleSoft, Visual & UX