Quality Assurance and Testing

Optimize Omnichannel Commerce Development and Enhance Your User Experience with Full Testing Coverage

Your investments in commerce are only as strong as the applications, integrations and performance of your larger deployment. Whether you are seeking better efficiency across the software development cycle or looking to reduce the number of reported issues, it is critical to understand your business priorities while constructing a test plan. The right approach can create a seamless user experience and quicken your speed to market.

The advance of digital transformation requires a more comprehensive approach to testing. The days of testing a single standalone application are long gone as applications are expected to deliver increasing business value.

Mastek extends beyond frameworks, tools and commerce artifacts to offer you coverage in areas like behavior-driven development (BDD), robotic process automation (RPA), IoT, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). With our strong understanding of quality assurance in the commerce world, we work with you to develop a plan that supports informed decision making that considers your omnichannel needs.

We Can Help

With 500+ commerce test cases that span your end-to-end commerce applications, integrations and processes, we are uniquely positioned to pinpoint the potential gaps in your commerce deployment. We can help you find gaps with manual and automated testing across channels as well as provide an executive dashboard that tracks real-time testing and highlights the metrics that drive informed decision making.

It really helps to have a partner in Mastek that can translate their knowledge of our business into creative, effective solutions that help us achieve our transformation objectives. -Chris Robinson, CIO, IPF

QCheck: Process Optimization with Commerce in Mind

When looking to create a testing roadmap, QCheck is the place to start. The results provide a clear representation of the strengths, observations and challenges within an organization. QCheck includes specific recommendations and has been shown to generate up to 25% in cost savings through process optimization. We have developed QCheck to address the unique needs of B2B and B2C commerce; it provides feedback in three key areas:

Stakeholder Relations

Understand stakeholder commitment and involvement, test strategy, communication and reporting. Gain a view into the test organization with a graphical overview at a summary and granular level. What is the degree of involvement from a particular team? How well are the business and technical teams communicating? How aligned is the test organization with the commerce goals?

Test Management

Examine multiple facets of test management: test processes, estimation and planning, defect management, and testing tools. Assessment outcomes provide a clear view into where your organization stands and what opportunities exist for improvement. Which gaps occur repeatedly and in what areas? Are your practices what they need to be in specific areas?

Test Maturity

Measure key factors such as methodology practice, tester professionalism, test case design, test tools and test environment. Do your test cases address specific commerce needs? What opportunities exist to improve your test environment?

QCheck Reporting Across Projects
QCheck Reporting Across Projects

The Commerce QCheck can be performed at a project level and then aggregated to identify trends within the organization and against the related industry. When you approach your testing with a commerce-centric focus, you gain the insights that increase your edge in your very competitive market.


As mobile use continues to surge, the complexity and sophistication of mobile apps are increasing along with importance of mobile testing. As much of commerce moves to an API-first approach, it is critical that the integration points are accurately delivering information across systems and optimizing functionality for back-end delivery and front-end user experience. Testing needs to examine all points of integration across your omnichannel deployment. Mobile testing further extends to usability and compatibility testing to ensure an optimized end user experience. Security and performance testing further ensures your development meets your requirements.  Whether automated or manual, we have the means to ensure you are on the right track with your Android, iOS or Windows mobile offerings.  Our mobile lab includes comprehensive test scripts and tools such as Jukebox and Experitest.


Performance Testing

Stress test your site for load, capacity, endurance, scalability and more to gain up to 30% productivity improvement (scripting, execution, reporting and analysis, performance process improvement). Our testing toolkit has the tools and framework to optimize your site for performance.

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Integration Testing

Detect potential integration issues and speed development times with component and system integration testing that uses bottom-up, top-down, hybrid and big-bang based on your specific needs. Avoid disruption down the road by understanding the performance and security of integration points across channels before you go live.

Automation Testing

Increase the depth and scope of your testing across web, mobile and social channels with automation that allows you to bring new developments to market faster and with optimized quality. Automated testing can make quick work of repeat testing that comes with new features or regulatory and organizational changes. Automation can dramatically reduce the resource strain in time and people while providing clear testing results in a fraction of the time.

Cloud Migration Assessment

Consider the impact of cloud and hybrid development on your technology choices. A proper assessment can examine the cultural, operational, skills and developmental considerations that enable cloud optimization and put you on a roadmap for success.

End-to-End Commerce

Regression Testing with Data Validation

Gain the agility necessary to implement new technology within your existing environment. Run functional and non-functional tests and ensure data validity across changes and new development.

Functional Testing

Verify the function of your software and development to measure inputs and outputs against expectations. Performed manually or through automation, functional testing spans the UI, database and beyond to ensure the accessibility and overall functioning as well as the ability to identify and communicate errors.

Usability Testing

Scan code for accessible development, examine the heuristics of your design, and detect omnichannel effectiveness through a comprehensive site analysis. Understand the user experience with manual user acceptance training (UAT).

Commerce testing can be further extended to examine integration points and business processes across channels such as point-of-sale (POS) or logistics testing. Whether web, mobile or in-store, testing can identify potential gaps and provide a more comprehensive understanding of the end-to-end commerce capabilities of your business.

Testing Tools, Frameworks & Resources

Open source, commercial and proprietary tools make up the full suite of commerce testing capabilities offered. We evolve our testing tools to keep pace with the rapid rate of change that defines commerce. We build strong partnerships with technology leaders and develop frameworks and scripts based on the testing we do with our own client base. Our expertise includes some of the following:

  • QCheck – QCheck is a test maturity and process optimization review that extends beyond just tools. Proven to deliver up to 25% cost savings through process optimization, QCheck provides a comprehensive view into the stakeholder relations, test management and professions.
  • SWIFT Automation Framework – This keyword and data-driven framework is tool and technology-agnostic and designed for non-technical users. It can be easily integrated with industry leading tools to drive efficiency gains of 20-25% on test automation efforts.
  • Autom BDD Framework – Designed to reduce inefficiencies and detect ambiguity in testing, the Autom Behavior Driven Development (BDD) test framework is designed on the Page Object Model (POM). With a feature-rich reporting dashboard, Autom supports mobile, web UI, web services, database testing, and CI/CD integration. Clients report a savings of 30-40% on automation efforts with Autom.
  • Autom@TIX – A UI-based automation testing framework, Autom@TIX provides traceability between automated and manual test cases with an enhanced queuing mechanism for test execution. Clients have been able to reduce testing time by up to 70% using Autom@TIX.
  • Jukebox – More than 400+ mobile test scenarios for iOS, Android and Windows devices designed to increase agility and reduce risk from high-level security defects. Jukebox has a ready repository and demo for clearly visible value.
  • AutoSnipper – Test documentation and evidence logs are created automatically by sequentially storing screenshots at specified time intervals and at desired location as .jpg files or Word documents. Designed by Mastek, AutoSnipper is an easy-to-use screen capture tool that has been shown to save up to 40% of manual testing time.
  • Experitest – Top-ranked in the Forrester Wave™ in Omnichannel Functional Test Automation Tools, Experitest offers continuous web and mobile app testing to accelerate release cycles and increase quality. Our partnership with Experitest allows us to include SeeTest in our test development, execution, analytics and debugging.

While tools and frameworks are critical to any test programs, the qualified team behind the tools is equally, if not more important. More than 75% of our career test professionals are Agile certified and 40% possess an ISTQB certification. Our specialists, analysts and engineers work within our testing labs and onsite with clients to ensure the application of thought leadership, methodology and governance required in today’s rapidly evolving market. We understand the unique needs of commerce and work with you on the right global delivery model to ensure the quality and assurance your organization requires.

Delivering Value Across the Organization

While digital commerce requires specific testing capabilities, the functioning of your broader organization will also benefit from the accelerators and tools that define QA and agile development. Whether looking to behavior-driven design (BDD), UI or hybrid frameworks, you can automate to reduce testing time by 50% or more. Reusable, tool-agnostic frameworks, and Mastek’s proprietary tools have shown a 60% increase in ROI. With proper testing, you gain more than insight into the quality of your environment, drive faster time-to-market and ultimately enhance the user experience.

DXL logoDXL recognized a time savings of 70% in regression test effort by adopting test automation

Morrisons logoMorrisons gained 70-75% test coverage through automation by implementing test services around ETL integration (component and system integration testing) and Qlikview reporting

Specsavers logoSpecsavers boasts 100% test coverage in end-to-end and integration areas which means more than 90% test pass rate achieved over every test cycle

Student Loans Company logoStudent Loans Company conducted in-parallel mobile testing on iOS and Android to realize a 70% savings in regression test efforts

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