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digital self-assessment checklist
Technology, Digital, and Governance Self-Assessment Checklist

Technology continues to evolve.  The rate of change and complexity associated with aligning technology with enterprise organizational strategy has become a challenge that all organizations face.  People that run today’s organizations are consistently faced with difficult operational circumstances in which they can’t respond to their customers, or general marketplace...

site migration organic traffic
How to Migrate Your Website Without Losing Organic Traffic

Migrating your website to a new domain or platform can be an exciting project with the prospect of increased traffic, revenue, and conversion rates, but what about the risks involved? When it comes to website migrations, there is no marketing channel at a bigger risk than SEO. If...

TAISTech Mastek Company Accelerator Oracle Commerce Cloud
TAISTech’s Oracle Commerce Cloud Accelerator Suite

Are you ready to cut costs, shorten implementation timelines, and minimize risk for your Oracle Commerce Cloud Implementation? You can do just that with TAISTech's Accelerator Suite that includes: Commerce Reference Storefront (CRS) for B2C and B2B solutions, and our Integration Oracle CX Accelerator Suite. Both of...