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When trying to achieve new revenue growth, your commerce site has a couple levers to optimize the user experience and drive results. UX audits provide guidance on areas that can help you drive traffic or increase conversion rates without compromise.

Even a small increase in your conversion rate can drive significant, compound revenue growth. For example, a 0.6% increase in conversion rate for an ecommerce site that is currently driving $6 million in annual revenue, would realize $1.6 million in additional sales.

The UX and tech audits provided (by TAISTech) were comprehensive and provided actionable insights that informed our digital roadmap. The team showed a genuine understanding of our business, allowing us to prioritize several site updates and realize measurable business value.

–   Sahal Laher, Chief Digital Officer

A Comprehensive Look at Your UX

Audit one or more elements of your site (or prototype) or combine all six audit focus areas for a Full-Site UX Audit.

Homepage & Category Navigation

  • Header
  • Mega Menu
  • Hero Image/Carousel
  • Promotional Banners & Content
  • Footer

Search Experience
(Onsite Search)

  • Search Bar
  • Type Ahead
  • Search Results Page
  • Filter & Sort By Options

Product Lists & Filtering

  • Page Title
  • Product Images
  • Product Information & Layout
  • Filter Option & Format

Product Detail Pages

  • Product Title
  • Product Image
  • Price & Promotion Format
  • Description Placement & Depth
  • Add-to-Cart & Payment Features
  • Omnichannel Options

Checkout Process

  • Cart
  • Checkout
  • Billing, Shipping, Payment Steps
  • Form Fields
  • Conversion Signals
  • Omnichannel

Mobile Experience

  • Header
  • Shopping Path (Add-to-Cart, Cart, Checkout Process)
  • Omnichannel Features

What’s Involved

eCommerce UX Audit

Discover How Your Users Want to Shop Online

What will I receive with my audit?

  1. A written report with screenshots of your site and annotations
  2. A list of remediation suggestions
  3. A walkthrough of your custom report with your team and our omnichannel and/or UX expert

How long does the audit take?

Our free UX audits take 5 – 10 days to complete. Our omnichannel team will notify you when your audit has started and provide a timeline for its expected completion. Once the audit is completed, we will schedule a call with your team to discuss the audit findings. The audit findings conference call typically lasts 60 minutes.

Who makes up my audit team?

Your audit is done by various members of the Mastek team to align our specific expertise with the UX areas of specialization. This typically includes members of the omnichannel team, design practice, SEO/PPC experts, and UI developers. This group has extensive background in engaging end users, increasing site traffic and increasing ecommerce conversions. Should you audit extend beyond UX and include infrastructure, security/compliance or code review, the appropriate technical experts will be involved.

Can you help me implement the remediation plan?

Yes! We welcome the opportunity to work with you or implement remediation based on your priorities. Any engagement (as the result of the UX audit) will contain some members of the original audit team. We would work together with a Mastek project manager to ensure all site improvements meet timelines relative to quality of work, budget and timelines. Please contact us if you’d like to know more about our engagement model.

What's the difference between the free UX audit and the paid UX audit?

Our free audit touches upon a portion of our more comprehensive capabilities which include: homepage and category navigation, onsite search experience, product lists and filtering, product detail pages, checkout process and more. Your free UX audit will contain actionable insights with a written report.

A paid, comprehensive site audit will take longer to conduct and contain substantially more depth, analysis and action plans that are customized to address your specific goals. You will collaborate with our omnichannel and UX experts to optimize the user experience and may include things such as the customer journey, 360 view of the customer and additional understanding customized to your needs and goals.

Can you audit additional aspects of my ecommerce?

Yes. While many start their ecommerce audit with a look at UX and UI, we can expand our comprehensive review to include both the front end and back end of your ecommerce deployment or prototype. This is often driven by a need to increase site stabilization, increase performance and optimization efficiency. Whether looking to decrease your Endeca indexing time, optimize your site load or enhance your personalization, we can provide a thorough review and help guide your priorities with projected outcomes.

Audits can be conducted on:

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Analytics (GA, Adobe, Core Metrics/IBM)
  • Endeca Tuning
  • Oracle Commerce
  • Oracle Commerce Cloud
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud

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